About us

Lisi Fabrizio, your trusted partner for the choice of doors and windows

With over 30 years of experience in the window and door sector, the Lisi Fabrizio company sells iron, aluminum, wood and PVC frames. It guarantees professionalism and competence in the sector, due to the passion for work and the experience accumulated over the years in the design, production and assembly of all types of windows.

Making use of close collaborators, the Lisi company is able to satisfy the most varied requests with tailor-made processes. Always close to the customer in the choice of the window, she takes care of the installation of the same and follows him over time. The Lisi Fabrizio company keeps itself constantly updated on industry news, and the proof of the quality of our work is provided by customer satisfaction.

The doors and windows that the Lisi Fabrizio company produces and markets offer considerable durability and excellent quality. Furnishing accessories and more artistic works, in wrought iron or other materials, are made on the customer’s recommendation or by the inspiration and imagination of Lisi Fabrizio. On this site you can view the doors and windows that we produce and sell, divided according to the profile and model.