Shutters for historic centres

The aluminum shutter for historic centers was born in 1987 by patenting the protruding door system and placing the new shutter on the existing harpoons, with colors matching the wood. In 1989 the patent won the “Oscal” prize at Saidue in Bologna in the “Aluminum in historic centers” competition.

The Lisi Fabrizio company currently replaces wooden shutters in historic centers, reproducing the aesthetics of the same without damaging the facade of the building and respecting the code of good practice.

Aluminum shutters are more resistant to time and bad weather than wooden ones. In addition, thanks to the particular shape of the frame, the door and the type of painting, they are visually very similar to traditional Tuscan wooden shutters, so as not to damage the overall aesthetics of the building.

The photos in these sections obviously do not include all of our samples, but only serve to give an idea of ​​what we can offer you.