Windows and shutters

Shutters, windows and mosquito nets are available in wood, aluminium and PVC in various colours, to offer a solution to all requests and needs. Some models can also be installed directly above the pre-existing windows, thus avoiding annoying masonry works.

Aluminium is a light metal that has been used for many years in construction for its properties and aesthetic potential. Durable over time, it guarantees excellent water and air tightness. The resistance of aluminium to atmospheric agents is due to a treatment called “anodic oxidation” in which the metal is “passivated”: that is, it is covered with an oxide layer of about 15-20 microns which prevents further corrosion of the metal. During this treatment it is also possible to choose the color of the profile. There is also “aluminium thermal break” (thermal break: window whose fundamental characteristic is a strong resistance to temperature variations, due to the separation of an internal element from an external element with an insulating material).

The companies we rely on in this sector are: Ginko, Kikau, Biancani, Alluminio Toscana, Demal.

C (abbreviation indicating the polymer polyvinyl chloride or polyvinyl chloride) is a cutting-edge material widely used in the construction of fixtures due to the ease with which it can be worked: being a “thermoplastic” material (it softens due to the effect of heat) it can be “Extruded” into preforms which are then finished. In this way, a large number of possible profiles are obtained. Inside, the profile is reinforced by a 15/10 thick galvanized iron core. PVC resists aging well as it has a high chemical resistance to corrosive and atmospheric agents. Another very important property of this material is its low thermal conductivity, which guarantees considerable thermal insulation.

The companies we rely on in this sector are: Nurith, Biancani, Rmg.

Composite frames in wood-aluminum or wood-PVC, obtained by combining an external profile (in wood or aluminum) with an internal one (in wood), guarantee a valuable and ancient aesthetic, accompanied by the modern performances that aluminum or PVC offer.

The companies we rely on in this sector are: Pail, Senesi.

The photos in these sections obviously do not include all of our samples, but only serve to give an idea of ​​what we can offer you.